Meet The New Crop of Council Candidates

What began as a grassroots crusade appears to have grown into a greenhouse environment in which candidates are being cultivated to run for the City Council. 

Solange Whitehead, who is lives in the epicenter of the Desert Discovery Center resistance in North Scosttdale, is one of the five candidates campaigning for a seat on the Council. She has served on the McDowell Sonoran Preserve Commission and is currently a director of Protect Our Preserve, the outfit that has been used as a pass-through for anonymous contributions to fuel the petition drive to put Proposition 420 on the ballot. 

Former Mayor Mary Manross is Whitehead's campaign chairperson. 

Although Whitehead is a real estate agent, she was passed over by the Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors (SAAR) when the organization recently endorsed candidates. Bill Crawford and councilmembers Linda Milhaven and David Smith received SAAR's endorsement. She was predictably endorsed by No DDC and the Coalition of Greater Scottsdale Political Committee, along with Councilwoman Kathy Littlefield. 

Whitehead entered the council contest because of her fierce opposition to the Desert Discovery Center. Up until now, she hasn't strayed far from her anti-DDC message - and seems content to campaign on her opposition to the education center. 

As mentioned here last week: Some believe Whitehead could be the leading edge of a new wave of candidates spawned by their opposition to Desert EDGE.

Enter Jason Alexander, the one with the Napoleon Complex who's the leader of the No DDC protesters. 

The egotistical "environmentalist" has now declared his intention to run for something in 2020. Probably City Council. He can run but he can't hide from his past posts on social media which are coming back to haunt him.

According to the blog the Arizona Progress & Gazette that strongly supports Linda Milhaven, the nemesis of No DDC, Alexander is the author of a series of despicable statements that reveal his true character.

The blog warns that Alexander is a "hypocritical individual who may not really care for Scottsdale residents and the community he lives in." It goes on to imply that Alexander has a chip on his shoulder about our city by repeatedly calling it "Snottsdale." 

Alexander's distasteful comments don't stop there. The blog discloses a pattern of elitism mixed with an acute case of NIBYism. He has called drivers "dumbass egocentric North Snottsdale trash." He referred to some city employees as "Hitler youth." And he called those who use the trails in the Mountain Preserve "slack-jawed hikers." 

The blog continues by siting examples that Alexander has even engaged in politically incorrect posts where he repeatedly used the term "n*gga."

Yes ... you read that right.

Now, Alexander would like people to believe he's "born again" and the days of the off-color comments are behind him. 

That's hard to believe, and should be even harder for No DDC followers to defend - including those who have jumped on No DDC's bandwagon to pass Proposition 420. 

To Be Continued: Can Bob Littlefield Make a Comeback?