Pranks Backfiring On Prop 420 Group

Some are saying it's too little too late and others say it's better late than never. 

Whichever it is, the important thing is that Mayor Lane intervened in the Proposition 420 issue in an attempt to cool down the community's political climate. 

Arguably, Prop 420 is the most complicated, confusing and divisive issue that has faced our city since, perhaps, the inception of the Indian Belt Green Belt almost 50 years ago. Like then, emotions and tempers are boiling over. However, unlike the controversy in the 1970's over the Green Belt, today's dialog about the future of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve has become down and dirty, thanks to the dominant role social media now plays in politics. 

So the mayor stepped up ... and into the fray of the fear and loathing. 

It wasn't hard to know where to start. After seeing his name bandied about on one of the fake sites created by supporters of Prop 420 created to confuse voters, Lane contacted the leaders of the pro Prop 420 campaign. It took a couple of conversations, but the misleading comments attributed to the mayor were eventually deleted. Although the bogus site remained active, as many other of their fake sites still are today. 

Next, Mayor Lane learned about a site called "Boycott Scottsdale: Preserve The Preserve" It was said to be the handiwork of Mike Norton, one of the directors of No DDC. The site had been active for about a year and urged people to boycott Scottsdale businesses that supported the Desert Discovery Center and the defeat of Prop 420. Norton was persuaded to delete the anti-business site. 

Because he's aware of who the real culprits are, Mayor Lane hasn't felt it necessary to contact the Protect Your Preserve campaign that's advocating a "no" vote on Prop 420.

The mayor deserves credit for trying to stem the tide against the wave of rudeness. But there's only so much he can do. It's like Whack-A-Mole. After all, who has time to stay on top of all the games being played by the different tribes behind Prop 420?

Meanwhile ... the shenanigans continue: Frivolous complaints filed against councilmembers that waste the time of the city attorney's office, tattle-tail emails to the Mayor and City Council whining about being bullied and a series of other silly stunts like putting Yes Prop 420 magnets on No 420 supporters' mailboxes. So far they haven't toilet papered a councilperson's home. 

Most of their antics have been clownish. But some are creepy.

For instance, Jason Alexander, one of the co-directors of No DDC, has cyber stalked four women connected to the NO Prop 420 issue. He has been fixated on Jan Dolan, Scottsdale's former city manager and now the chairperson of the Protect Your Preserve Committee. His fixation has also included Lynne Lagarde, the treasurer of the same committee. Councilmembers Virginia Korte and Linda Milhaven have also received what seems to be more than normal attention from Alexander. 

Mayor Lane supports Prop 420. That doesn't mean he approves of the raunchy behavior by some of those promoting the proposition. 

Few do.