Can A One-Issue Candidate Be Elected To The Council?

Just imagine. This time next year voters could be seeing Kathy Littlefield, Linda Milhaven and David Smith sharing City Council candidate forums with Jason Alexander or Mike Norton or Howard Myers.
It's not out of the question.
It does, however, raise a question: Could one of the three who adamantly oppose the Desert Discovery Center (Alexander, Norton or Myers) win a seat on the Council?
Anyone with a political pulse recognized a couple of months ago that someone from the DDC opposition was likely to run for the Council. Every time those opposed to the DDC paraded to the podium to speak at council meetings, it looked like auditions for next year's campaigns for election.  
Recently, the No DDC organization began teasing social media viewers that a candidate would soon be chosen from their ranks and an announcement would follow shortly. As the public waits with baited breath for the announcement, it's time to ask if a "one-issue candidate" stands a chance in the 2018 election?
Answer: Maybe... but only if there's more than 25,000 voters who care mostly about rejecting the DDC and consider other issues secondary. Otherwise, the odds are unfavorable.
According to the most recent voter survey, the Desert Discovery Center issue isn't high on the list of priorities for an overwhelming majority of voters.

Councilmembers Kathy Littlefield, Linda Milhaven and David Smith are expected to run for re-election. If so, the No DDCers say they will target Mlhaven and Smith for defeat. Councilwoman Littlefield gets a pass because she supports a public vote on the proposed project - which is the litmus test to avoid being trapped in the crosshairs of the No DDC's political militia.
Milhaven, the two-term councilmember, likes the DDC concept but is uncertain if circumstances will require a public vote.   Smith, serving his first term on the Council, is uncertain about both the DDC and the status of a public vote. Before making any commitments, Milhaven and Smith say they are eager to see the proposal from Desert Discovery Center Scottsdale that's scheduled to be presented July 31st.
Things get real in a month and a half. The debate about the DDC will no longer be hypothetical. Everyone will finally know what they're talking about - including those who oppose the DDC sight unseen and have been shadow boxing against a "concept" for more than a year.  
Meanwhile ... who will likely carry the DDC's opposition banner into the war of words in 2018?
Howard Myers, one of the leaders of Protect Our Preserve, knows the most about the wide spectrum of the city's issues. In fact he's not shy about sharing his opinion about an assortment of shortcomings he frequently sees. But his willingness to leave the sidelines to get in the game is highly doubtful. After all, life is good for Myers on Golden Pond.
No DDC's Snortn' Mike Norton, who has a permanent scowl that even Botox can't fix, isn't a people person.
That leaves only one likely candidate: Jason Alexander of No DDC ... who would have to convince voters that he's not just a "one-issue candidate."