Littlefield Launches Campaign Challenging Mayor Lane

2016 just got more interesting - especially for Mayor Lane.
Bob Littlefield is running for mayor.  He has talked about throwing his hat into the ring before.  He even created an exploratory committee once to test the political waters. But this time it's for real.
Littlefield made it official last week.  
The former three-term councilman filed his campaign paperwork in the City Clerk's office late Wednesday afternoon.  His wife, Councilwoman Kathy Littlefield, will serve as treasurer of the "Littlefield for Scottsdale" campaign.
It didn't take long for the news to travel throughout the city.  Many were surprised.  Some even stunned.  Littlefield supporters were euphoric.  Others were infuriated.  In other words ... nothing has changed about the way people feel about Bob Littlefield, our city's most divisive character in modern memory.  And that's what has a lot of people worried about Littlefield's candidacy for mayor.
Not long ago Mayor Lane and Councilman Littlefield were political allies.  When Lane was elected to his first term as mayor in 2008, Councilman Littlefield became Lane's wingman because they were politically so closely aligned.  Both Republicans, Lane had libertarian leanings and Littlefield was staunchly conservative.  They shared a fiscally prudent philosophy that often had them voting in concert on many issues.  Their political bond became so strong that around City Hall they were jokingly referred to as "Jim-Bob."
That cozy relationship lasted for a couple of years until Lane, according to Littlefield, "started losing his way."  The two had a falling out when Lane began to fall in line with developers and support projects that Littlefield vehemently opposed.  Lane and Littlefield quickly reached irreconcilable political differences.
While serving on the Council, Littlefield was fond of taking jabs at Lane - now he has set his sights on delivering a knockout blow to the Mayor who's running for his third term.  
The Lane 4 Scottsdale campaign committee has already raised more than $150,000, and has more than $100,000 cash on hand.  The Littlefield for Scottsdale campaign committee was only able to start raising money less than a week ago.  However, in his past campaigns, Littlefield never raised or relied on an abundance of funds.  He campaigned the old-fashioned way.  He has depended on grassroots tactics using street signs, word-of-mouth campaigning and employing an ambitious email network.
The former councilman who was termed-out last year has also shown an ability to tap into the angst of the anti-establishment crowd who are disenchanted with city government - particularly the majority of the City Council.
Littlefield's candidacy caught everyone off guard - including Mayor Lane.  But Lane's operatives wasted no time springing into action.  Less than 24 hours after hearing Littlefield had filed his campaign committee, they started calling opinion leaders and organizations that may be leaning toward backing Littlefield to discourage them from doing so.
The 2016 mayoral campaign will pit Jim Lane's money against Bob Littlefield's manpower.
It's going to be a political matchup Jim Lane would like to have avoided and one that Bob Littlefield is no doubt relishing.

Trustees Ticked About Paying To Party
Everyone knows the Cultural Council says it's in financial straits.  But when trustees and members of the advisory board were recently told they would have to pay to attend the organization's annual Holiday Party, some invitees felt insulted.
Trustees Chairman Andrew Chippindall delivered the news:
"This year, SCC staff will be celebrating the holiday season at the Hotel Valley Ho and will be extending an invitation to us, the board of trustees and advisory board members, to join them in the festivities.  As this is a time to thank staff, there will be a $20 per person charge for us to attend."
The Valley Ho is providing both the space and catering for the event.
Chippindall wrote that he's contributing $100, and added: "Please consider matching this amount to say thanks to the talented and dedicated staff that make it possible for us to develop, advance, and deliver high-quality arts, cultural experiences, and opportunities in Scottsdale."
Chippindall is the general manager of the Valley Ho.